Let`s go Crabbing!


Destin Blue Crab Adventures will take you back in time on a 2 hour guided charter to show you how people on the Gulf Coast became to fall in love with white lump crabmeat.

Lump crabmeat comes from peeling down the whole blue crab. Claw meat is a darker meat which is not as sweet as the white lump body meat.

Destin Blue Crab Adventures will take you to the crabbing grounds and teach you the ways of pulling in the traps, dumping the crab catch, sorting the size limits all while checking for egg-bearing females (which are thrown back). Then we will re-bait the traps before throwing them back into the bay.

Stone crabs have huge claws which draw a pretty penny at the local seafood markets and are a delicacy throughout the Gulf Coast states. You have to use extreme caution when attempting to handle a stone crab and not let its small body fool its immense crushing strength with its claws. Traditionally the fisherman would only take the biggest claw and leave the crab with one to defend itself while the other rejuvenated but studies have show it is fine to harvest both claws.


name  Blue Crab

location  shallow water from 1`-25`

limit  10 gallons whole per person

average size  8 to 10 inches

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